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YI Home Camera

YI Home Camera
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Dimensions: W0.00 x D0.00 x H0.00cm
Power Consumption: 0.00W
Price: Get quotation from us

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The next best thing to
being there

YI Home Camera lets you stay connected to what matters from wherever you are. Here's why you'll want to have YI at home even when you're not:



View and share moments  

Maneuver your camera from your phone with YI Home app

Capture crystal-clear images with an all-glass camera lens with f/2.0 aperture, and HD resolution (1280x720)

See in the dark with a "non-invasive" 940nm infrared night vision

Get activity alerts right to your phone with high-accuracy motion detection technology




Stay in control 

Pan, zoom, and capture from all different vantage points remotely with our intuitive phone app and gyroscope support

Keep your personal info personal with files that are securely stored on micro SD cards

Content is backed up on a secure server for 7 days, and can be accessed through the app in the event of a damaged or stolen SD card 

Save time and trouble with fully indexed video and audio that keeps moments organized for easy access

Customize when you want to get motion activity alerts (e.g. only during work hours)


Designed to use your way 

Connect with family and friends with a touch on your phone

Keep an eye on your pets, the babysitter, or your home while you're away

Ideal for small businesses

No monthly subscription fee

Adding cameras is simple and affordable

Crystal clear 2-way audio (built-in microphone and speaker)



Latest YI Home App Features: 


Supports  user defined activity zone - default is whole scene

Improved alert frequency management: detection windows of high - 3 mins, med - 5 mins, low - 10mins - default is 10 minutes

Night Vision IR lighting control - default is auto

Customized alert schedules -  default is 24/7

Additional camera sharing: owner has full function and additional accounts have limited functionalities such as no camera management functions

Motion detection sensitivity level: low, med, high - default is high




The simple YI app makes it all possible


Open YI Home app and quickly connect with the people and places that are important to you. You can access your YI account on multiple devices and manage numerous cameras. Set-up is a snap:

1.Download YI Home app

2.Plug in the camera

3.Connect to your phone

4.Manage and view your camera right from your phone!



YI 1080p Home Camera 1
YI 1080p Home Camera 1
YI 1080p Home Camera 1
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